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Doctors Are Preferred Source of Health Info in East Africa

Technology is fundamentally changing the way that individuals engage their health. People are taking an increasingly active role in their health decisions and behaviors, often turning to the internet and digital tools for health information and access. Understanding how the health consumer landscape is shifting is important for health providers and the broader health care industry in order to better…
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The Karen Hospital and its satellite clinics have improved patient loyalty and retention through increased patient engagement efforts. With International's amHealth solution, The Karen Hospital has sent one million text messages this year to its patients ranging from appointment reminders to specialty service notifications to health day messages and more. Patients say it has not only changed the…
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Digital transformation for effective communication: A conversation with Samuel Gikandi, CEO of telecommunication aggregator Africa’s Talking

The telecommunications industry is quickly changing to meet new challenges, growing consumer expectations and competition. Within the industry, aggregators sit in the background, often unseen by the end user. They help the divergent parts in the ecosystem work together, forming the glue that integrates service providers with companies. One of the leading aggregators in East Africa is Africa’s Talking…
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Leapfrogging Fintech and Building for Africa’s Future: Perspectives from Flutterwave Co-Founder Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

African industries are quickly evolving, shifting from analog to digital technology and systems. The African Fintech industry is no exception and has been lauded for embracing the new digital economy and using innovation to transform the industry. At the forefront of the Fintech space in Africa is Flutterwave, a Y-Combinator technology company on a mission to connect Africa to the…
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Creating a Legacy for African Innovators

Entrepreneurs are disrupting sectors and changing lives across Africa. The successes and stories of these innovators and programs are too often unknown or overlooked. Nnamdi Oranye, the author of Disrupting Africa and “Innovation Guru” on South Africa’s Power FM 98.7, has made it his mission to chronicle the lives of entrepreneurs who are changing the African landscape. He…
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